Cold monitoring with the power

of a thousand engineers

Krispi is the only AI-assisted refrigeration monitoring tool on the market that makes the most important deviations and observations related to the operation of the devices visible.

It’s like having thousands of trained analysts monitoring all your refrigeration equipment around the clock and getting an up-to-date, centralized, and hands-on report to support your decision-making. This allows for a high level of product safety, significant energy savings and optimization of maintenance.

Krispi is compatible with most refrigeration systems and more compatibility can be added if necessary.

With Krispi you can

  • Avoid losses caused by breakdowns and too high temperatures and reduce risk to food safety.

  • Meet the HACCP standard requirements with minimum work

  • Streamline maintenance and reduce extra visits.

  • You can identify the optimization needs of refrigeration equipment and achieve savings of up to tens of percent in energy costs.

Krispi supervises all HOK-Elanto's grocery stores

Core Factory Oy has developed the Krispi solution in close cooperation with the best refrigeration and food safety experts in grocery business.

Illustrative user interface

The Krispi cloud service, which is used with a browser, shows the state of all refrigeration equipment at a glance and enables quick intervention if deviations are detected. An accurate view of the effects of the control measures helps in optimizing temperatures

The interface offers views of the status of the refrigeration equipment at several different levels. An overview of an entire network of stores can be found at a glance. It’s also possible to dive to the level of a single store and even the state and history of a single device. With this information, it is possible to prioritize maintenance and equipment adjustments. An accurate picture of the status of all equipment allows for more efficient maintenance visits. All refrigeration appliances that need adjustment or maintenance can be adjusted within one visit. 

Artificial intelligence is used to find the important observations from the large datasets. The findings are illustrated in an easy to understand way through the user interface.

Krispi’s greatest strength is its artificial intelligence, which is able to find deviations in the same way as a human expert. There are numerous services on the market from individual refrigeration equipment manufacturers that are able to show the current state of the refrigeration units for that manufacturer’s equipment. But only Krispi is able to sift through the vast quantity of data of all manufacturers’ devices to make visible the most relevant observations that affect service and maintenance.

Configurable alerts and user roles

Krispi is able to identify, for example, unusual defrosting cycles, excessively high loads, interruptions in data connections and, of course, exceeding the set temperature and time limits. The observations related to these can be set in the order of priority desired by the user. Automatic email notifications can be sent for selected observations to the selected addresses.

Views of system user roles can be narrowed as needed.

Compatibility and implementation

What makes Krispi exceptional is its ability to connect to any device. Compatibility is built using the ZeeCore edge unit developed by Core Factory. The most reliable solution is to place ZeeCore near the refrigeration equipment to be monitored, but if necessary, the same unit can be used to monitor refrigeration equipment from several locations over the network.

If the refrigeration equipment of the store is already networked hrough a central refrigeration machine, implementing ZeeCore and Krisp can be done in one day. ZeeCoree turned on, connected to the refrigeration network and the internet. All necessary actions can then be done remotely. We are able to deploy multiple locations within the same day.

Pre-networked refrigeration system is not necessary to start using Krispi. We define the measures required by the site when collecting preliminary data. We have experience in deploying more than 400 monitoring sites, so we are able to help you find the most suitable solutions for different sites.

Krispi is reliable

Krispi is able to communicate with refrigeration equipment without wireless sensors. If necessary, sensors can be used to supplement measurements, but it’s the mose efficient to utilise the devices’ own sensors. This also makes the system easy to maintain.

Thanks to the way the system is implemented, Core Factory customer support is able to analyze and resolve most data collection issues remotely.

Krispi tirelessly produces observations from the vast quantites of data produced by refrigeration equipment. With the help of these observations, stores are able to save thousands of euros yearly.

Defining the right solution for your needs

Cold technology used
Are the refrigeration equipment already networked? If yes, then connecting Krispi is easy. If not, the devices can either be wired, or they can utilize wireless sensors.

Store size
The number of refrigeration equipment to be analysed affects the price.

Number of stores
It is cheaper to get Krispi for several locations at once.

Example price
In a supermarket-sized property with 35-70 refrigeration units, Krispi’s price is 65€ / month + one time fee 2900€. (Price includes a ZeeCore unit with a 5 year warranty.)

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