We have achieved success thanks to the adaptability,

security and reliability of our solutions

Core Factory Oy is a Finnish software and hardware manufacturer specializing in IoT and smart technology for real estate. We design and manufacture products that combine real estate equipment into a user-friendly entity. We create intelligent solutions that save work, electricity and money for companies, educational institutions and agencies.

Examples of the benefits our solutions can offer

More affordable and longer life cycle

Maintenance performed on time and when it’s needed significantly extends the life cycle of the equipment. Considerable savings can be achieved by anticipating faults and centralizing maintenance procedures.

Saving energy and improving the utilization rate of facilities

Accurate and up-to-date device information enables efficient use and optimization. Expensive maintenance interruptions can be avoided when problems are recognized and fixed in time.

Investments can be allocated to where they are really needed when the true usage rate of the premises is known. Devices can be switched off centrally or automatically, which contributes to saving energy and reducing wear and tear.

Dismantling manufacturer boundaries

Many traditional solutions rely on the manufacturer’s own closed protocol or connection method, as the manufacturers want the customer to commit to only one brand or standard. The open interfaces of Core Factory products adapt according to needs and are not tied to individual manufacturers.

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