ZeeCore collects the data,

ZeeCloud presents it as desired.

ZeeCore, the basis of the Zee architecture, is an intelligent edge unit to which it is possible to connect almost any device. ZeeCore normalizes the data generated by the devices and transmits the data to the cloud. This allows for a whole new view of the status of devices from different device manufacturers and the use of intelligent analysis tools.

Core Factory has built services based on ZeeCore for e.g. cold monitoring, pick up automation and controlling AV equipment.

Core Factory has all the necessary know-how to build completely new IoT services according to your needs.

The solution can be implemented as a cloud service or completely on-premises.

ZeeCloud is a cloud service that runs on Finnish servers and supports ZeeCore. ZeeCloud can be used to quickly create a comprehensive overview of the monitored devices in one or more properties, and to view the history of the data collected from the devices.

User account management also takes place in ZeeCloud. User permissions are based on roles that can be assigned and limited based on the customer’s needs.

The ZeeCore NoCloud solution enables similar functionality than cloud services, but completely locally, without connecting to an external network.

In this case, the locally installed ZeeCore platform performs all operations independently, which is suitable for the needs of high-security organisations, for example.

Reliable, safe

We provide services for high-level sectors. In these sectors a loss of network connection must not cause malfunctions in the service or in the flow of data. This is possible with the help of ZeeCore, which is installed on-site. ZeeCore also collects the data when the connection to the external network is lost and forwards it when the connection is restored. ZeeCore is able to maintain fully local functionality when the network connection is down.

ZeeCore also solves one of the key challenges of IoT: it enables reading and controlling devices connected to the internet securely. A ZeeCore is placed near monitored devices. ZeeCore only connects to external network to a limited extent, or if necessary, not at all. With ZeeCore, it is also possible to implement a completely local NoCloud service, which is suitable for clients with high security requirements.

Easy to install, cheap to maintain

The installation of ZeeCore in the property only requires power, connection to external network (if desired) and connecting the controlled devices. Everything else can be handled remotely. When implementing the Krispi cold monitoring system, ZeeCore is attached to the refrigerator control to refrigeration equipment and the Internet. All the rest can be taken care of through our deployment support.

ZeeCore is easy to maintain. The software of the controlled devices can be updated automatically and there is practically no need for on-site maintenance. The devices have a five-year warranty.

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