We are able to automate a pick up solution

for products of any size, shape or temperature

"The majority of our customers prefer pick up, and as the pandemic eases,
the role of pick up will certainly become even stronger."

Jarkko Kyttänen, S Group

Online shopping has permanently changed people’s shopping behavior. Companies have to keep up with changing demand. Adding the possibility of pick up as part of the store’s service is a valuable way to increase online sales and attract customers. Pick up solutions fit many customers’ everyday life much better than home delivery.

Core Factory is capable of delivering a control system to any automated furniture. Through us, it is possible to avoid dependence on one manufacturer. We make it possible to stay independent from manufacturers and avoid vendor locks.

The pick up point can be completely automated, serviced by staff or a combination of these

ZeeMachine - automated pick up point

An automated pick up locker is an opportunity for the store to improve the customer experience and expand the business beyond the opening hours and store premises.

The temperature controlled pick up locker improves the functionality and attractiveness of the premises for business operators and housing associations alike.

ZeeLive - service pick up point

A service pick up point is a customer service station where the customer can pick up their online order without having to even get out of their car.

The service pickup point is based on the ZeeLive cloud service, which enables efficient pick up service organization and customer communication.

Automated pick up points

An automated pick up point enables the expansion of the store’s business in a way that suits the customer’s everyday life. By placing an automated pick up locker next to the store, collections can take place outside of opening hours.

  • ZeeVending can be connected to any automated locker, so the buyer is never vendor locked by one supplier. The equipment supplier can be tendered if necessary.
  • A module-based solution can be bought in pieces. You can start with a basic locker and expand to service pick up service if necessary.


Pick up is an efficient and well-suited way for the customer to make purchases for everyday life. According to S Group, one of the biggest retail chains in Finland, 58% of their customers choose pick up rather than home delivery.

An example of a pick up chain

The customer places an order online and chooses pick up time.

Store staff collect the purchases and fill the pick up locker.

When the order is in the locker, The automat sends an SMS for the customer and arrival instructions.

The customer picks up the order by entering the locker code at the automat. User interface and indicator lights guide to the customer to their order.

The pick up is done once the customer has taken out their purchase and closed the locker door.

Using the automatic pick-up point from the customer’s point of view

Additional modules for automated pick up

ZeeMobile - Mobile Interface

ZeeMobile allows you to monitor the status of the locker on a mobile device. With mobile UI the locker can be filled even when there are customers using the locker’s own user interface. The mobile interface works great with wall lockers that can be filled from the back.

ZeeStaff cloud service - efficiency for customer service

It is beneficial to manage even a single automatic pick up locker through a centralized cloud service. Managing several compartments centrally makes the work much more efficient. The information is automatically transmitted to the lockers. The employees responsible for managing them are provided with an up-to-date picture of the current state and history of the pick ups. If necessary, the personnel can add extra time for pick ups and the doors can be opened remotely through the service.

ZeePad - sign in tool

Easy-to-use keyboard allows the customer to notify the pick up point upon arrival. The keyboard can be placed outside in a suitable location, and entering the code can open a barrier or an automatic door.

Service pickup points

A service pickup point is a customer service station where the customer can pick up their order from the customer service representative. The ZeeLive service communicates with the customer and informs them when the order is ready to collect, and the customer can announce their time of arrival using the web based service. The customer service representative can thus organize the delivery logistics efficiently and minimize the time the customer has to use at the pick up station.

ZeeLive - the cloud service for a service point 

ZeeLive tools enable building a pick up service point even without initial investments. With the system, it is possible to replace the cumbersome manual practices of collection.

The ZeeLive web service creates an overview of upcoming orders for customer service representatives. The system asks customers for a notification of arrival, so products can be retrieved from the warehouse beforehand and in this way, optimize the logistics.

Additional modules for pick up service points

ZeeLive pick up terminal - a quick view for customer service

A fixed terminal through which the agent can get an up-to-date view of future pick ups and is able to perform the most important pick up operations efficiently.

Ticket printer - to enhance logistics

Picking up products from the warehouse is one of the most important areas to optimize in a pick up service. Easy-to-read label printer with information and tags that are important for retrieval enables efficient collection of products from the warehouse and easy inventory management. Above all, this reduces the burden on workers and the possibility of human error.

ZeePad - sign in tool

Easy-to-use keyboard allows the customer to notify the pick up point upon arrival. The keyboard can be placed outside in a suitable location, and entering the code can open a barrier or an automatic door.

Info screen - to create an overview for the customer service

It is advisable to present the upcoming pick ups to employees at a glance via the info screen. Installing the display in a convenient location for the pick up point is included in the price of the display.

Our solution is widely utilized

Our pick up solutions enable tens of thousands of pick up events per week. The video visualizes the usage data of the entire pick up network enabled by Core Factory on a normal Monday.

In the animation, pawns depict one customer and balls depict one order.

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